Spain, with a dynamic character all of its own, has captured the hearts of millions of foreigners for years and it´s easy to imagine why: this vibrant country of fiestas, paella, sun-drenched sand and rich cultural heritage, has a spell-binding impact on all those who land on her shores!

With an average altitude of 650m, Spain is the second highest country in Europe. Its landscape and climate vary dramatically from the plush green surroundings of the North, to the snow peaked mountains of The Sierra Nevada where you can ski through to the month of May. Last but certainly not least you have the endless stretches of golden sand and uplifting sunshine of South East Spain.

“Almost as perfect an environment as it is possible to obtain”The World Health Organisation.

As well as a healthy diet, you will find other health benefits to living in Spain, in particular the Costa Blanca. Because of its famous salt lakes, this coast enjoys a dry healthy climate that is beneficial for conditions such as: asthma, rheumatism, and arthritis. The locals bask in the nutritious mud from the salt lakes and would indeed swear by its healing and cleansing properties.