Spain, with a dynamic character all of its own, has captured the hearts of millions of foreigners for years and it´s easy to imagine why: this vibrant country of fiestas, paella, sun-drenched sand and rich cultural heritage, has a spell-binding impact on all those who land on her shores!

With an average altitude of 650m, Spain is the second highest country in Europe. Its landscape and climate vary dramatically from the plush green surroundings of the North, to the snow peaked mountains of The Sierra Nevada where you can ski through to the month of May. Last but certainly not least you have the endless stretches of golden sand and uplifting sunshine of South East Spain.

A piece of history: The earliest evidence of Spain´s diverse history is the magnificent cave paintings discovered in Altamira, in Cantabria. Since then, several influential settlers have contributed such as The Celts, The Carthaginians who founded New Carthage (Cartagena) and the Romans, whose influence is evident today in fabulous amphitheatres and city walls.

The Moors occupied Southern Spain for around 800 years and have left their mark in the intricate architecture of the famous Alhambra Palace (Granada) and in the quaint white villages nestling in the hillsides of the Andalucia. You may also be surprised to know that Moors introduced the orange and lemon groves that we so often associate with the image of Spain.

If you are visiting South-East Spain during the summer months, you can witness the reenactment of the bloodthirsty battles between the Moors and the Christians. This exuberant fiesta is not to be missed, and groups from every generation come along to join in the fun.

Spain is there to be discovered by you, and it certainly wouldn´t be complete without its fun loving, charismatic people who are always ready to live life to the full!

costa blanca

Situated on the South Eastern coast of mainland Spain, The Costa Blanca is renowned for its sandy white beaches and warm Mediterranean climate. As we all know, the climate is one of the main reasons most of us wish to leave the UK, whether it´s permanently or for a holiday. Protected by the Crevillente mountains, the Costa Blanca enjoys a unique “micro climate” and with an average of 320 days of sunshine per year, you can obtain the quality of life you´ve been dreaming of.

Steeped in history and boasting beautiful mountain views, sweetly fragranced orange groves and glistening waters, this picturesque area has something for everyone.

You certainly won´t be short of things to explore, whether you wish to delve into its rich history and culture, or reveal the untold mysteries of the deep blue Mediterranean Sea.

There is another reason for Europeans to make a beeline for the infamous Costa Blanca: its excellent infrastructure makes it an ideal place to set up a new home. With facilities such as: medical centres, schools, dentists, excellent road networks, cinema complexes, leisure centres, and an abundance of shops, restaurants and bars, all the family´s needs are well and truly catered for.

Getting here is easy. Both the main airports on this coast are easily accessible. Alicante and Murcia airports have daily flights to and from all European countries.